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  • Country: Colombia
    Region: Alto Novirao, Cauca
    Farm: La Concepcion
    Elevation: 2070 m.a.s.l.
    Producer: Arnulfo Vainas
    Varietal: Castillo
    Process: Washed
  • Juicy blackberry and peach.
    Red apple acidity.
    Sparkling cherry cola texture.

  • Medium Roasted for espresso.



  • Coffee is picked when cherries are purple
  • Pulped same day as picking
  • Wet fermentation for 18 hours and then washed 3 times
  • Dried slowly over 10 days (Parabolic dryer).
  • Moisture content is reduced to 10-12%.


Q: When did you start growing coffee?
A: My father had a small lot of coffee on his farm and I used to help him after school and during my holidays. When my siblings and I grew up, my father gave us his farm. I sowed coffee on my piece of land because I like this type of cultivation. I know that I have to improve many things to achieve better quality coffee but also to have a better quality of life.

I am new in coffee farming, so I know that I still need to learn many things about it. My family has helped me a lot, giving me recommendations that I have implemented at my farm. I try to harvest the Castillo variety when the beans are dark, and I wash them after 18 hours of fermentation.

My family consists of my wife Leidy Quinayas (28 years old) and our son Maicol Esteban (5 years old). He is studying at the local school.