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  • Country: Colombia
    Region: El Sauce, Rosas
    Farm: La Manga (Villa Hermosa)
    Elevation: 1860 m.a.s.l.
    Producer: Hermes Hernandez
    Varietal: Castillo
    Process: Washed
  • Juicy blackberry and peach.
    Red apple acidity.
    Sparkling cherry cola texture.

  • Medium Roasted for espresso.



  • Coffee is picked when cherries are purple
  • Pulped same day as picking
  • Dry fermentation for 24 hours and then washed 3 times
  • Dried slowly over 15 days (Parabolic dryer).
    Moisture content is reduced to 10-12%.


Q: When did you start growing coffee?
A: When I worked as a picker in different regions of Colombia, mostly in the Huila Department, I learnt many things about coffee cultivation and production. My father had a farm, so we started to grow coffee there eight years ago. With earnings, I bought my own farm where I planted 4,000 Castillo trees. I am really happy because I am producing Specialty Coffee.

Now that I understand a little better what a Specialty Coffee client looks for, I have adapted my picking process to allow coffee to develop its sweetness and, considering my farm ́s altitude, I also increased the number of hours of fermentation, waiting 24 hours before washing the coffee.

I live at the farm with my parents, Tobias (67 years old) and Lucila (64 years old). When it is not
harvest season, I work as a picker in other regions of the country.