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  • Country: Costa Rica
    Region: El Taj, Santa Rosa, Tarrazu
    Farm: Fadiva
    Elevation: 1800 m.a.s.l.
    Producer: Vargas Díaz
    Varietal: Caturra 
    Process: Double Washed

  • Buttery texture with brown sugar toffee sweetness.
    Aroma of fresh butter and toffee.
    Red berries and plum.
    Cacao, citrus & lime.

  • Light Roast



In this process, the cherries that were picked during the day are placed on a tank (with no water) for 24 hours. Afterwards the coffee is pulped and mechanically washed and placed in a fermentation tank that is full with water for 12 hours. Then the water is replaced and the coffee stays in the tank for 12 more hours with the "new" water.

Then the coffee is laid out to be dried on African beds. The idea behind this process is to create a clean and complex cup. Fadiva Tarrazu SA started operations in May 2012 by the Family Vargas Díaz. Their farms are located in Tarrazu, in the Santa Rosa and San Lorenzo micro-regions and process the coffees from their own farms. Oscar Vargas, built one of the first micro-mills in Costa Rica under the name of La Familia, where all his siblings were part of, 25 years ago. Today, together with his immediate family they created Fadiva. The goal is to process only the coffees from their farms. All their coffees are sun-dried and they use the processes of washed, honeys and naturals.