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  • Country: El Salvador
    Region: Apaneca
    Farm: Finca Himalaya
    Elevation: 1500 m.a.s.l.
    Producer:  Mauricio Salaverria
    Varietal: Maragogype
    Process: Natural
    Awards: #5 CoE 2013, #5 CoE 2015
    Instagram: @divisadero101
  • Aromatics of chocolate and fig, juicy mouth feel, orange acidity and medium to full weight. This maragogype is a tiny microlot from Mauricio and has flavours of red grapes, dark chocolate, toffee, grapefruit, plum and dark berries with a sweet, citric-peel finish.
  • Medium Roast
  • Processing Details
    Hand-picked red/purple cherries
    Floaters separated
    Beans stored in parchment until dry milling
    Drying takes between 20-30 day
  • About Finca Himalaya:
Mauricio takes great care through all steps of production. Every lot is tracked by harvest date and his processing facilities are immaculate. He is also driven by a desire to take good care of the local environment, using rain water for his washed process coffee and reusing the skin of the dry process coffee to produce a delicious cascara tea.
Located on soft, volcanic clay within the Apaneca Mountains of El Salvador, Finca Himalaya cultivates much of their coffee under shade grown conditions, using cypress and pine trees to provide habitat for bees, rabbits, butterflies and a wide variety of birdlife.

They use African drying beds, partly shaded from the wind, to slowly dry the coffee and ensure an even and controlled drying process. Coffee has been grown on the farm since 1875, and it has a reputation within El Salvador of being the first “specialty coffee farm” in the country.