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  • Country: Brazil
    Region: Alta Mogiana
    Farmer: Favia and Gabriel Oliveria
    Elevation: 1250 m.a.s.l.
    Varietal: Yellow Catucai
    Process: Natural
  • 2nd place at AMSC 2018 contest.
    Creamy custard apple, guava & fig jam.
    Clean vibrant green grape.
    Honey caramel finish.

  • light roast for filter coffee.



Flavia and Gabriel ancestors’ have been growing coffee for nearly 150 years in the Alta Mogiana region, Sao Paulo.





In 2013, the Alta Mogiana was recognized by the INPI(Industrial Property National Institute) as one of the most traditional Brazilian regions in the activity of coffee production. Beans from this region have unique features and are known for quality, striking aroma and a velvety creamy body.




The area is impressive, approximately 8,000 hectares where they plant mainly Bourbon and Mundo Novo varieties.

Bom Jesus farm has been awarded in local and national competitions as one of the best coffees from Alta Mogiana region, the same region Marcelo Brussi’s grandfather was born in 1913, inside a coffee farm. The care and passion from producing high quality coffee has been inherited by Flavia and Gabriel son’s Lucas and Gabriel. Using traditional methods for drying coffee, Bom Jesus is known by its unique coffee flavour and delivers caramel and sweetness to any coffee cup it has been part of.