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  • Country: Honduras
    Region: Marcala
    Farm: El Liquidamber
    Elevation: 1455 m.a.s.l.
    Producer:  Mary Nery Marquez
    Varietal: Catuai
    Process: Natural
    Awards: 2015 COE #6, 2017 COE #6
  • Toffee
    Raspberry & Strawberry
    Stewed apricot
    Crème Brûlée

  • Medium Roast




  • Picking of only red cherries. Hand sorting at the wet mill
  • Dry fermented
  • Slow dried on African beds and inside green houses for a period of 18-22 days



Mary Nery Marquez is a very talented producer from Marcala. After the unfortunate loss of her husband, Mary decided to take the quality of the coffees from her farm to a new level in order to get the income necessary to help her children finish their studies. With the help of her eldest son (Roger), they began to better understand the specialty coffee industry, taking advice from IHCAFE and other producers in the area. They own another 3 farms; La Cueva, San Francisco & La Flores.

In 2015 they finished 6th in their first ever Cup of Excellence competition with an average score of 89.27 (without owning any wet mill facilities). This gave the Marquez family the incentive to invest in their own African drying beds and take more control over the cherry processing. In 2017 they returned to the Cup of Excellence competition, this time with coffee processed under the full control of Mary and Roger. Again they placed 6th with an average score of 89.22.

The Project Origin team started our relationship with Mary and Roger in 2015. The Marquez family focuses on taking care of biodiversity of the environment, the flora and fauna at the farm as well as the highest quality for their coffee. There are several natural springs and even waterfalls during the rainy season that keep the farm lush and healthy. Her coffees are refreshing and refined with the flavour intensity characteristic of red bourbons.

We visited them again earlier this year and found their farm doing better than ever. Even a recent drought in Marcala failed to hinder production or quality, thanks to the farm having ready access to a stream running through it, helping to keep the trees hydrated. The Marquez family has also started getting more involved in coffee production from seed to cup and started to roast their own coffee to sell locally. In their house they have installed a coffee brewing bar and are very familiar with brewing methods and extraction theory!

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