We feel a strong sense of responsibility to everyone involved in our coffee journey. From the coffee farmer through to the customer who drinks our coffee. This responsibility starts at the beginning 
with the farmer.

Coffee farmers work really hard for their product. One can’t possibly imagine what it takes to work on a coffee farm. The days are long, the terrain at times difficult with little or no machinery. Simple infrastructure such as roads to transport the cherries for milling are non-existent or in such a bad state that the process becomes very slow.

Everything takes time and this can affect the quality of the coffee in the long term. Despite such hardships, farmers have been growing coffee for generations – it’s a livelihood that has been passed down but at times makes only enough money for a family to survive.

This is why we take great responsibility in making a difference to farmers lives. This means ensuring he has enough to feed his family and letting them know how much we love their coffee. Telling them that their entire family history means something to a lot of people fills their hearts as well as ours.

Coffee is about respecting the product, and the only way to respect the product, is for everyone involved to work hard for it.