Roasting all comes down to enhancing the characteristics of a coffee. As every coffee is unique, our role is not about changing its personality but highlighting its true strengths.

This involves constantly cupping, experimenting and having an excellent palate memory to consistently create the perfect cup. That’s why our roasters are also behind the coffee machine in front of customers day in day out, so that we know what our coffee is doing every single day from start to finish.

It goes without saying, that roasting requires its own set of skills and knowledge, but there is a vital part that precedes this process and that is how the bean is grown and processed. It all starts with the farmer – so we spend the time by visiting their farms, working closely with them to help improve their lifestyle and investing in their livelihood. 

We are passionate about understanding every aspect of how the farmer grows their coffee and the environment they are in. Coffee will only get better if farmers get better.